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07 | 2020

Challenge Created! - 100 Days of Hardware


Over the last weeks I have been preparing a new project of mine. It’s called 100DaysOfHardware, which is a challenge clearly inspired by the well known 100DaysOfCoding which people use extensively to learn coding.

On you find all project guides, learnings, etc.

Why does this matter in the context of innovation? IoT isn’t the new ‘hot’ topic anymore. In the media it has been replaced by newer even cooler topics. First it was pushed off the stage by blockchain, which now has been replaced again by Artificial Intelligence.

From an engineering perspective, it’s great that this happened to IoT.

On the well known Gardner Hype Cycle “IoT platforms” pass the “peak of inflated expectations” (source) already in 2018.

By 2019 Gardner considered “Managed IoT Connectivity Services”, like Microsoft Azure’s IoT Hub, to already have passed the “Trough of Disillusion” and already rising the “Slope of Enlightenment” (source).

While technology being stuck in this previous stages, it’s a lot of fun to talk about use cases and how it could change the world. However, it’s a constant fight to even complete simple demos and prototypes. There is no ecosystem, no proven use cases, literally nothing but “coulds” and “woulds”. HypeCycle

When enough engineers then have failed to build those day dreams out of thin air and enough soap bubbles have popped , the real fun starts.

As over time an ecosystem grows and simple demos and prototypes stop being painful to build. Then, there is the chance to build solutions that create real business value based on that new technology.

Hence, it’s exactly the right time to become literate in low-level languages and build some hardware projects!